In the wake of a disaster, families can find themselves teetering on the edge of poverty, with rehabilitation and recovery still months, if not years, away.

In the Philippines, larger disasters get resources as a result of attention from national and international media, while smaller disasters impacting hard-to-reach rural communities often are invisible to the larger public, keeping organizations from channeling resources to affected communities at the soonest time possible.

For this reason, the Shared Aid Fund for Emergency Response (SAFER) was established to ensure that we can direct resources to lesser-known emergencies which impact tens, if not hundreds of families who need it most.

The organisations behind SAFER are connected to the humanitarian community from the local to national levels with both government, NGOs and corporate entities. Because the funds come from the Filipino people, there is flexibility for NGO partners to allocate funding immediately and effectively to pressing needs of affected communities which in the past have been difficult to achieve because of institutional, financial, and policy constraints.

OUR VISION: Better lives and thriving Filipino communities after disasters

SAFER is an institution that seeks to be a local leader in humanitarian fundraising and accountability to help Filipino communities overcome disasters and build better lives after a crisis.

SAFER will be at the frontline of engaging the giving public and private sectors in building a humanitarian response fund that is well-accounted for and made quickly accessible to help disaster-affected communities.

SAFER will serve as a catalyst for localization by institutionalizing local ownership of the response and shifting the perspective of local NGOs from being recipients of humanitarian aid to drivers of humanitarian reforms.

In all of the above, SAFER is driven by the Bayanihan spirit and ability of the Filipinos to come to the aid of their kapwa in times of dire need.


Igniting the bayanihan spirit to rebuild disaster-affected communities.


  • Raise and disburse funds to provide relief and assistance to families 
    impacted by disasters

  • Provide the public and private institutions a trustworthy and high-impact platform for their donations 

  • Establish a transparent, accountable and effective model of fundraising for internal and external stakeholders of SAFER