Effective, Efficient Mechanism

SAFER provides an efficient and localized funding mechanism for credible NGOs. Through SAFER’s revolving fund called the Quick Response Fund (QRF), local NGOs have access to augmentation funds to support their ongoing responses. SAFER targets to respond to small- and medium-scale disasters that are often neglected by media or big organizations.

When an emergency occurs, any member organization may request to launch an appeal based on the needs identified. SAFER member networks convene and decide whether to launch “appeal plan” to spread awareness and raise funds for the affected communities.

The appeal plan is intended to mobilize public support and action on the emergency, and is carried out with partner institutions that provide support in various areas of fundraising.

The funds raised are then immediately channeled to SAFER member networks and NGOs that are present in the local communities, enabling them to quickly respond to emergencies and provide relief to those who need it most.