SAFER is a Shared Fund accessible by its three member networks that are Philippine leaders in Humanitarian Response.  These three networks respond to different types of emergencies while SAFER raises funds through public and private fundraising to augment these responses. The networks or members of the networks can apply for funding support to SAFER and money is distributed transparently to the most deserving and high-impact application. To ensure accountability, SAFER administers the grant distribution and provide third-party verification which shall be reported back to donors.

The Quick Response Fund (QRF) is one of the two mechanisms of SAFER.  It is used to provide funds quickly to responding organizations while a Public Appeal is organized to replenish the QRF and raise money for larger and more long-term responses.

During non-emergency times, SAFER's fundraising efforts are focused in building the QRF for readiness and preparedness. The future responses funded by QRF include:

  • Distribution of Water and Hygiene Kits providing families with 1 month of safe water and hygiene essentials (Php 3,000 per family)
  • Emergency Shelter (i.e. tarpaulins, ropes, etc.) to provide temporary relief from the natural elements (Php1,500 per family)
  • Basic Survival with Dignity Grants (Php2,500 per family)

As of date, SAFER has funded two responses during Typhoon Ompong (2018) and Typhoon Unman (2019) that provided 80 families hit by the disasters Php2,500 each.  This allowed the beneficiaries to have the flexibility and purchasing power to meet their personal immediate basic needs.

By donating money through SAFER, donors are assured that there would be a responding organization in the site of any major and even minor disaster. This is because of the wide geographic spread of SAFER's networks. A higher percentage of funds raised through SAFER will also go to direct assistance, as administrative costs are already accounted for. SAFER also provides visibility to donor institutions by recognising their contributions through its implementing partners.
As a donor individual or institution, your involvement in the start up of SAFER will contribute to localization of the emergency funding situation for Humanitarian Organizations in the Philippines. With our funding model where funds are raised locally, SAFER assures donors high levels of transparency and accountability that is not currently available to the general public.

Donate online:

Bank of the Philippine Islands
Branch: Loyola Heights, Katipunan Avenue
Account Name: Shared Aid Fund for Emergency Response, Inc.
Account Number: 3081-1194-21

For confirmation of your donation, kindly send your deposit slip to

For fundraising partnerships, email